Okta Inc product, Okta Identity Cloud is a relatively unheard of, yet massively practical product in today’s tech run economy. Instead of chasing the classic cloud stocks, like DropBox, Amazon, Microsoft, SurveyMonkey, the real potential is in the service side of cloud technology. Just look at the rise of Twilio (TWLO) for communication, and MongoDB (MDB) for database. These crowded two have had their run and are due for a pullback, but OKTA is just beginning its momentum. They report today, and there is no way I’m shorting this. I’m also not going long, as I would rather watch from the side and see if its 1-month low volume rally will be wiped out. Still, the risk-reward is to high on the bear case, so if it does drop, it would be better to open a position on healthy profit-taking. In the long run, this stock should double in a year or two, with the market-cap being attractive and its revenues on track to $500M-600 for the year (doubling every year the past 3 years).

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