I am short CYBR. Here are my TLDR thoughts:

  • Financial statements looks healthy. Way better than FEYE which gets more attention and air-time. I don’t even think FireEye has made a profit yet. I should be short FEYE
  • I did the tutorial videos on YouTube for CYBR security software. The training videos completely bored me, but it seems they solved the problem of user access security and admin abuse.
  • CYBR short has nothing to do with fundamentals, because its just a good company filling a business need.
  • Why are you still short? Probably because I’m still in the green, been short near the 52-high, and even though earnings blew investors away, the response was a conservative 8% pop… reflecting more of a reaction by traders both long/short. I feel the price needs to retrace back to the 80s before forming a long-term base.
  • Stop loss on short is $130 for anyone wondering.
  • Adding to short under 100.

… even Noah’s Ark had its volatile fun. But eventually the rain stopped.

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