Been long since I traded options, but every now and then there are some high “R” plays out there.  Bought puts in NVDA ahead of earnings.

A rare play on crypto and auto, as I believe the stock is overpriced due to crypto traders.  Good company, but also believe guidance is priced in, so I’ll ignore the analyst upgrades ahead of earnings (310).

Weak floor at 242.66 with trickle up from 7/31 to date.  This run-up is easier to take out  (-6%).

6-month chart shows true floor at 213.70 (-20%)  so 225 (-15%) is the natural hedge for longs, so I’ll take it as the spec short play with a target.  Subtracting the ask price gives us 223.14 as expected target post-earnings.

NVDA180914P00222500 2018-08-15 3:28PM EDT 222.50 1.86 (a) 1.74 (b)


Lots of MU traders are desperate for a win.  OSTK (another pseudo crypto play) was a warning shot.  FANG is in a downturn.  Let the game begin.

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