VIX Signals Sell

Going to sell into today’s rally.  Strange activity on the VIX.  Market up again while VIX flat for the day.  There’s a slight reversal here going into the close, so I would be careful with longs.   VIX INTRADAY — Traders starting to hedge on the rally.   A VIX that spikes to 30s will produce a 2000 point cumulative multi-day drop in the Dow.  Careful out there! VIX 3-Month: 3rd red consecutive bar, low volume.  This rally has a thin floor.  Going to play it safe here.  Going to watch for spikes in VIX this week and next. Continue reading VIX Signals Sell

[TSLA] – Tale of 2 Trades: @310 = Swing Long or Day Short

Two plays in one?  It’s all in the timing… Buy signal on Swing / Long  @ 310 on the 1-year chart.   Stop 283.  This is probably the easier trade, but the R-value (risk/reward) is a little low, a little closer to R=1. Or… Short signal on the DAY/ SHORT @ <310 , Cover @ Friday’s afternoon high, 314.06.   Rationale can be seen in final hour of trading.  All short covering into the weekend. 15:25 – 15:35 –  was a confirmed rally.  This rally extended, but during a sharp reversal of the VIX… 15:40 -15:150  – No strong bars on its 3 … Continue reading [TSLA] – Tale of 2 Trades: @310 = Swing Long or Day Short

SNAP To Report Today – Bear Filter Anyone?

Excited to see this horribly managed company report today (Consensus EPS -.33).  From the company that brought you creepy, ugly, hipster, glasses, there’s good reason it trades below its IPO. I covered my SHORT, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it tanks to the $11-12 zone. But of course, the real problem with SNAP is there’s no real direction in the company overall.  Their business model feels more reactionary, as in reaction to the competition, and the two competitors are not easy to contend with – Instagram and Facebook.  SNAP is more suitable as a buyout company to be honest, … Continue reading SNAP To Report Today – Bear Filter Anyone?


BABA’s earnings, blah blah blah…. 56%  Year-Over-Year Growth… are you kidding me?!  AMZN, the king of growth, sustains a growth of around 20-25% YOY, which in itself is fantastic, but that gives you an idea of how the Chinese giant is worth buying on the dip. Why the drop?  One perspective is that investors are not comfortable with the deal with Ant Financial. “Not only did BABA trounce expectations, but it likewise is boosting is yearly guide following standout fiscal third quarter sales. So why the share pullback today? Investors are getting skittish because on top of the strength of … Continue reading [LONG.SWING.BABA]