[Swing: TWTR] Rally Birds

Market suffering some profit taking (Dow -328%).  TWTR managing to hold here and has broken its Dec 20 high.   Currently trades at $26.00

Free advertising by Trump.  Think:  the more crazy he is, the more Twitter benefits.  Get long TWTR soon.  Buy Limit:  24.46


Tariff on Solar, Long SPWR

Well that’s quite contrarian.  Playing the price action > news.    SPWR looks oversold and has found support on my 8-hour candle chart.  Seeking a break above this 8.00 support.


Trumps 30% tariff won’t have significant effect on import revenues for at least an entire year.  And I think more exceptions will be handed out.  The play is that SPWR will be handed at least some exceptions for certain divisions the way FSLR was shown mercy.

There’s cautionary optimism exuded by American solar companies, since a tariff would likely raise prices (drop in supply), and loss of jobs (decrease in supply-chain).

Target entry:  EOD approx., 8.00  // Stop:  7.79

Swing TSLA [310-345]

This is a more conservative trade with an easier read.

Waiting for a Short @345.33

If fill, Target Cover/Buy 310.00

If fill, hold.


Elon Musk is betting on himself. No salary, no problem.  Doubt he will hit the full milestone, but even getting halfway there will make him one of the richest men in the world.  Let’s see how the market reacts to this news!

The performance award consists of a 10-year grant of stock options that vests in 12 tranches. Each of the 12 tranches vests only if a pair of milestones are both met.

Market Cap Milestones: To meet the first market cap milestone, Tesla’s current market cap must increase to $100 billion. For each of the remaining 11 milestones, Tesla’s market cap must continue to increase in additional $50 billion increments. Thus, for Elon to fully vest in the award, Tesla’s market cap must increase to $650 billion.