Bullish on BAND CPaaS

Bandwidth Inc., is gaining more users, and is a highly satisfying product for companies to use.

Trades at 52.05, at a market cap of 980M, there’s ton of room to grow.  Buying all the dips as this stock marches to 80 and tops off around 120.



Short SFIX



As mentioned before, the market is in clear “melt up territory.”  And this presents us with some great shorts.  StichFix (SFIX), has had unusual bidding behavior, probably from a combination of short covering and market makers bidding it up for no reason.  Anyway, this stock will trade in the 27.50 ~32.50 region soon, so an entry on this triple green bar is solid.  There’s a 10% upside and 40% downside at this price… SFIX has entered greedy territory and gonna snatch some of that premium back from the dreamers.


Short 43.

BABA the leader



To which direction?  170 is a massive and important line.  I held shorts in $BABA north of 200, covered under 180.  Played the usual bounce through $TCHEY, $MOMO.  Very important 10 point channel here between 170-180.  There could be a rebound, but getting to 200 would mean some serious news or new money, which is hard to grab here.  Short here or above 180, or any other related Chinese stocks with a stop at 190.

BABA has been riding the AMZN wave, so it’s more properly priced around 140.